2020: Venus in inferior conjunction to the sun

On 3rd June 2020 planet Venus will be in inferior conjunction to the sun. This means, that one of the inner planets (Mercury or Venus) moves on its orbit around the sun between earth and sun. As it is about new moon, we can see then only the unlighted side of the celestial object and it isn’t visible for us during that period. The opposite is the superior conjunction when the earth is between the sun and the planet and the planet shows us its completely lightened side (phase 100%). As we know it from our moon, the planets Mercury and Venus also passing through phases. The superior conjunction shows the planet 100% lightened and the inferior conjunction is 0% lightened then. Especially the days around the inferior conjunction are definitely the most interesting ones because the Venus will show a crescent and very thin form. But observations are also recommended when the phase is less than 50% and getting more thin, also because the observation is not dangerous at all. When the Venus gets visually closer and closer to the sun at our sky at one time the planet will be visible only during the day with clear sky. For this observations you need patience, good knowledge where to search and at the same time you strictly have to follow safety advices (below). At this period observations are only recommended to amateur astronomers or at least people, who have already knowledge about this kind of observations, involved and effected by the sun.

SAFETY ADVICE:   Is the planet Venus close to the sun and the sun above the horizon, the observation is very dangerous! You have to follow the inevitable safety instructions! Never look directly into the sun! Never point binoculars or telescopes without a special solar filter towards the sun! Your eyes would get immediately heavy damage or even total blindness would be the result! If possible, try to cover the sun with objects around of you while you are searching and observing the Venus.


31st May 2020 – Phase of planet Venus: 0,4 %



30th May 2020 – Phase of planet Venus: 0,7 %



29th May 2020 – Phase of planet Venus: 1,0 %



21st May 2020 – Phase of planet Venus: 5,8 %



17th May 2020 – Phase of planet Venus: 9,1 %



06th May 2020Phase of planet Venus: 19,6 %



25th April 2020Phase of planet Venus: 29,5 %



15th April 2020 – Phase of planet Venus: 37,3 %



I wish you all good luck and a lot of interesting observations of the phases of planet Venus!