16th/17th July 2019 – Partial lunar eclipse

Observation report: The observation of the partial lunar eclipse wasn’t very easy, as expected. The low height of the moon above the horizon as well as some thick high clouds already before caused the idea, that maybe especially the first part of the lunar eclipse wouldn’t be easy to observe. Exactly this was actually the case. The first part of the eclipse I planned to observe from the back of my garden even there were some trees and a bigger house in front of me in southeastern direction. The end of the eclipse I observed from my roof window.


As calculated by EasySky the moon appeared above the houses for the first time at 10.10 pm after it had risen at 9.40 pm. Unfortunately, there were several high clouds low above the horizon which covered the moon several times while I tried to observe it. Very beautiful was the red-orange color of the moon because of its low height above the horizon. The moon was visible directly above the roofs of the houses along the horizon and I was able to take some first pictures. At this time the moon at a height of 3° above the horizon.


Even with this sometimes very thick clouds which covered the moon several times almost completely, there were always moments when it appeared again between the clouds so that I was able to take more pictures. It realized beautiful pictures, when some clouds covered just parts of the moon and still most of it was visible. Until 10.40 pm I was able to take more pictures before the already surely by 40 % covered moon disappeared behind the house at the end of my garden. Most important was that I already took some nice pictures of this partial lunar eclipse.


Now I had to wait some time until the moon would be visible for me again from the garden. The weather conditions meanwhile were getting better and better because the moon got higher and higher above the horizon. There the clouds got less and less and often the sky was even clear so that I was really sure, that I would be able to observe the maximum of this eclipse as well as the end. At about 11.24 pm the moon appeared again between some trees and I took some pictures again. The moon was already close to the maximum of this eclipse with surely 60 % already covered by umbra shadow of the earth. Already before I tried to get some pictures of the covered part of the moon with some red color, but wasn’t able to see it. Now, while just about 35% of the moon were still in sunlight, I had success to take pictures of the reddish color in the covered area of the moon. With the naked eye this color wasn’t visible because with 35% the moon was of course still very bright. During that time there were just some single clouds, which made a nice effect with long time exposure pictures and which looked wonderful with the moon. The maximum of the partial lunar eclipse with 65,8 % I was able to observe with very good weather conditions and I also took some pictures together with the planet Saturn.


After midnight I started to observe the moon out of my roof window and during the next hour the moon gets brighter again. Also during that period I took several pictures, still also some with some reddish color on them. Also here some trees made it possible to took some nice pictures. Punctually at about 1 am the partial phase of this eclipse ended and there was just the little dark area of the penumbra of the Earth visible anymore.





General information about the partial lunar eclipse on the 16th/17th  July 2019

After the very beautiful total lunar eclipse on 21st January 2019 we will have another lunar eclipse now in year 2019, but this time a partial lunar eclipse. The conditions for the observation shouldn’t be difficult if the weather is good because the maximum of eclipse with about 65.8 % would be also easily visible even with less height. The partial eclipse will start while the moon is just 2.5° above the horizon. At the end of the partial eclipse the moon will have an height of 15.8° above the horizon. At the point of the maximal eclipse the moon will have an height of 11°.

Tipp: With the beginning of the eclipse and while the eclipse continues at not very much height there could be nice pictures possibe because of its low height and the mood of dawn. Same as with the last eclipse, it’s maybe not a bad idea to try to make some pictures with the moon and trees, buildings or other objects.

Additional information:  The partial lunar eclipse will have a duration of about 3 hours. The planet Saturn will be about 7° away from the moon but because of this quiet far distance, it shouldn’t be very interesting as motive.


Table with times for the partial lunar eclipse for Bergheim at Germany, 16th/17th July 2019:
10.01 pm:            Beginning of the partial eclipse   (height: ~2,5°, SE)
11.30 pm:             Maximum of partial eclipse   (coverage: 65,8 %, height: ~ 11°, SSE)
01.00 am:             Ending of the eclipse   (height: ~15,8°, S)