11.-13.08.2018 – The Perseids meteor shower 2018

The Perseides 2018 were influenced by really changing weather conditions but luckily for the maximum of the meteor shower in the night on 13th August 2018 I was very lucky with the weather. This year I made the observations from behind my attic window and I was really happy that I was able to spot so many meteors. Now you can find some short information about all the nights when I tried to spot meteors:


11.08. / 12.08.2018: Already in the night before the maximum I tried my luck to see some meteors even the observation conditions weren’t that good. But even here I was able to spot at least 3 meteors within 2 hours.  

12.08. / 13.08.2018: For the maximum of the Perseids meteor shower the weather forecast was quiet not sure. The most of the 10 weather models which I proved simulated already early thick high clouds whih would have been really disturbed the observation. But within  all this weather models there were two models which offered clear sky the most of the night. Congratulations to this weather models because they simulated the actual weather almost correct. Only between 0.45 am and 1.45 am the sky was covered with some more thick clouds, otherwise the sky was clear with good visibility conditions – at least for the city here. Later at 3.30 am the clouds get started to got more thick from the western direction because of the approximating convergence line and followed by the cold front. It was really a blessing that the clouds broke up at about 1.40 am. Why? Because I was able to see absolutely most wonderful meteor of the whole night at 1.50 am and I also caught it on a photo. This meteor was the brightest of the night and even after it burned up it showed a smoking trail for about 5 seconds. Amazing! And of course also my tired feeling was gone for some time. In total I was able to spot 51 meteors from 10.30 pm until 3.30 am and many of them were kind of bright and showe a smoking trail.   

13.08. / 14.08.2018: During the night after the maximum I observed about 1 hour the starry sky to spot some more meteors. During the time from 11.30 pm to 0.30 am unfortunately I wasn’t able to spot any meteor. Due to the reason that I was still tired from the last night, I decided to end the observation then at 0.30 am.