16th/17th July 2019 – Partial lunar eclipse


General information about the partial lunar eclipse on the 16th/17th  July 2019

After the very beautiful total lunar eclipse on 21st January 2019 we will have another lunar eclipse now in year 2019, but this time a partial lunar eclipse. The conditions for the observation shouldn’t be difficult if the weather is good because the maximum of eclipse with about 65.8 % would be also easily visible even with less height. The partial eclipse will start while the moon is just 2.5° above the horizon. At the end of the partial eclipse the moon will have an height of 15.8° above the horizon. At the point of the maximal eclipse the moon will have an height of 11°.

Tipp: With the beginning of the eclipse and while the eclipse continues at not very much height there could be nice pictures possibe because of its low height and the mood of dawn. Same as with the last eclipse, it’s maybe not a bad idea to try to make some pictures with the moon and trees, buildings or other objects.

Additional information:  The partial lunar eclipse will have a duration of about 3 hours. The planet Saturn will be about 7° away from the moon but because of this quiet far distance, it shouldn’t be very interesting as motive.


Table with times for the partial lunar eclipse for Bergheim at Germany, 16th/17th July 2019:
10.01 pm:            Beginning of the partial eclipse   (height: ~2,5°, SE)
11.30 pm:             Maximum of partial eclipse   (coverage: 65,8 %, height: ~ 11°, SSE)
01.00 am:             Ending of the eclipse   (height: ~15,8°, S)