13.-14.12.2017 – Observation of the Geminids

During the night on 14th December 2017 it was again time for the maximum of the Geminids meteor shower, one of the most popular meteor showers behind the eve more famous Perseids meteor shower from August. Already last night I was able to see 3 meteors in just 15 minutes . For the night to the 14th December now sadly the weather forecast was really bad because theoretically the weather models predicted cloudy sky. During the late evening there was arriving an occluded front with partly heavy rain and during the night around 3-4 am there should be arriving in addition to that convergence line.

Just before I wanted to go to bed I had a look out of my window as every evening and was surprised by clear sky. Behind the leaving occluded front the cloudy broke up which was also supported by the little stormy weather. With the knowledge that tonight even more meteors are possible to see than yesterday, I decided to stay awake and watch the meteors through my window until the clouds and the rain of the convergence line will arrive. Behind my window and sitting in the warm room the stormy weather outside with colder temperatures didn’t have any effect on me and I really enjoyed this comfortable place and the view towards the starry sky. Also the air in the levels of the atmosphere seemed to be dryer than before and the sky conditions were really good. Good conditions for hunting some meteors – if you can observe from inside the house.

The observation of this meteor shower was really fun and exciting because every few minutes I was able to spot a meteor somewhere at the sky. From time to time there appearded some cloud fields and everyone who already did some long time exposures knows, that also these moving clouds with the stars in the background really can look amazing. My field of view was streched from southeast to west and I was able to spot about 40 meteors during the time from 11.25 pm until 1.16 am. Within these there were also 3 bright meteors with greenish colour and a smoking trail. I was able to capture five photos of visually good visible meteors and also one photo of a very faint one. Even at the beginning of my observation I had a look at my favorite constellation Orion and I really wished to maybe capture a meteor flying there. Sometimes nature make awards for people, who care it and observe it. At the end I was really able to capture exactly that! At about 0.05 am there was a good visible meteor appearing next to Orion and lucky me, the camera was making just now a long time exposure of this region of the sky. A lovely pictures of my wished motive was the result. But the absolute highlight of my obsveration of the Geminids appeared very close to the end of my observation time because there were already thin clouds effecting the view. At 1.05 am the absolutely brightest meteor of the night appeared over me with an estimated magnitude of about 0 Magnitude. This meteor showed an easy visible greenish colour and I was able to follow it about 3 seconds before it disappered with a smoking trail left. Awesome! I had a very very wide smile in my face… why? Because of the reason, that my camera was again making a long time exposure of this field of the sky now. Lucky me! Afterwards the clouds got more thick but that was okay after these wonderful photos and I was also getting tored now more and more. Therefore I decided to end the observation. It was a very nice observation time with about 40 meteors in just 2 hours. Now some photos of that night: